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Wimborne wrought iron works was started in 1990 by Richard as a hobby that has grown

into the family business still run by Mr Richard Biddlecombe

Each piece starts off as a square, flat or rounded length of steel which is then cut to size and, depending on the item, scrolled or rolled by hand according to what is required.

In a mass-produced world all of our products are hand wrought by skilled craftsmen on traditional English metal-forming equipment – all key fabrication steps are performed by hand – to create products of lasting value.

Each product is made to suit our customer’s requirements and finished to a high standard.

We offer one of kind handcrafted items tailor-made for each customer.

We also have a full range of handcrafted wrought iron for the home and garden which are both decorative and functional products that are designed and handcrafted by Richard the craftsman.

We have developed an excellent reputation over the years for quality products.

Our aim is to provide a personal service to our customers. We have many satisfied clients who have come back to us year by year and have subsequently become good friends.

One thing to think about is that by buying our wrought iron products you are buying items that will be passed from one generation to the next.

All products are available in our online shop.

Our products are unique and styled to enhance your home and garden

Have a look though our range to choose the right piece of wrought iron workmanship finished to our high standard.

Whichever one you choose you can be assured your final piece will provide you with quality that will last for generations to come.

All our goods are made to last

Whichever product you choose it will stand the test of time looking just as good in years to come.

Quality is very important to Wimborne Wrought Iron Works.



Owner Mr R Biddlecombe


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